Order cancel

Order cancel

If you are sorry for your order, you can cancel it by following the steps below.

* Cancellation is possible as long as your order is still waiting.
* Please be informed that your order will be confirmed by phone before it is processed and shipped. The phone that will call you is 2314 008352.

Cancellation of order through the website

* Available only to customers who have an account at Cloverfashion.gr.

As long as you have an account at our store, you can easily cancel your order.
1. Go to your orders page by clicking here.
2. Click the Cancel button on the right side of the order you wish to cancel.
3. That was it! A cancellation request will come to us and we’ll let you know about it.

Cancel order by phone or email

In case you do not have an account in our store you can request your cancellation by phone at +30 2314 008352 or by email at [email protected]. You will be asked for your order number and details. Please have them at your disposal.

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