Credit/Debit Card:

Each purchase from takes place at the choice of the buyer with the possibility of buying with Credit Cards VISA and MASTERCARD.

Transactions are made electronically and securely, in real time, between the buyer and the card holder with Pireus Bank (WINBANK) which carries out the transactions on behalf of

In the process, does not have any participation and the sensitive elements of your Credit/Debit Card are not stored in the system.
In the event that the purchaser making the transaction is not the same person as the cardholder, assumes no responsability and is not liable for any refunds.

Cash on Delivery:

You can pay for the courier server by delivering the products to your place. For shipment in Greece there is no extra charge.

The delivery does not apply to shipments abroad.

By Bank Deposit:

If you choose the bank deposit, please contact us to block the products you ordered.

Telephone: 2314 008352 E-mail:


No. Account: 5224-057783-773

IBAN: GR54 0172 2240 0052 2405 7783 773

Bic / Swift Code:

Beneficiary: Angeliki Sougioltsi of Athanasios

In the Bank’s Deposit Form you will write the Full Name or Order Number and you will need to send us the copy.

In cases where the deposit is not made within two days from the date the order is placed, then the order is automatically canceled by the system.

The cost of the bank commission is borne by the Customer.


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